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28th-Jul-2025 11:57 pm(no subject)
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30th-Nov-2008 11:45 am - Back from Dagobah.
Yesterday, I got a fortune cookie that seemed to be perfectly relevant to the situation:

"Accept no other definition of your life, accept only your own."

Recently I've become so concerned with getting other people to like me, I've let it control me. When things didn't work out, I'd get all whiny and annoying, and well, that's not the way to go about things. I need to accept that not everyone's going to like me (especially with my tendency to say things behind peoples' backs sometimes, but again, something to work on).

Thinking about it, I don't think it's the appropriate time for some of us to be friends. I don't hate any of you, but part of me thinks I'm not the only one who needs to grow a bit. I don't mean for that to be putdown, but I just want it to be taken into consideration.

So, a friends-cut is in order. Comments are also screened, but not required.

PS: I'm starting a new journal, turn_a_turn . I'm still going to keep this journal for personal purposes. The other one with be a fandom journal. You can feel free to friend it, as it won't be locked.
15th-Oct-2008 09:16 am - Meme from adora_tan

01. Post the rules

02. Answer each question truthfully

03. Tag 3-5 people at the end
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13th-Jul-2008 02:30 am(no subject)
lolol friends cut.

I mostly cut the people that I just plain don't talk with anymore. If you want back in, leave a comment or something.
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